Passionate About Helping Others

Kathy Kissner has been in the massage industry since 1997 in the Houston and Katy, Texas area. Formally called Massage, Body and Soul. Currently, Kathy holds certifications to practice massage in Texas, and am also certified in medical massage, sports injury therapy, repetitive use injury therapy, massage cupping, neuromuscular massage, trigger point therapies, prenatal, Swedish, chair massages, and various spa treatments.


Since 2014, Concierge Functional Massage, formerly Concierge Massage LLC has been a practitioner/owner of a Microcurrent machine (Electro Equiscope) that heals a body at the cellular level. Concierge Massage is the only company that has this technology in the Houston and surrounding areas.

When working with a client, the focus is the overall well-being of the client. We have a great referral base and if we feel we cannot help a client, we will do our best to help them find someone who can help with their problem. If this means referring them to a doctor, chiropractor, hormone therapist, acupuncturists, and various other resources, to help with their needs.


Kathy, has worked with Chevron for 3 years, Ernst & Young for 5 years, and was the sole contract company for Enron for 4 years. Kathy has had her own location in the heart of Houston's beautiful River Oaks since 1999 to 2015 and in Katy, since 2005.


A few companies we have worked with in the past are Shell, Continental Airlines, MS 150, Higginbotham, R.R. Donnelly, Chevron, Enron, Continental Airlines (when based in Houston), Hines building, along with some Texans Player (not current players). We specialize in medical massage, a varied massage technique. We incorporate different styles of massage to give our clients relief from chronic/acute pain. This can be under the supervision of a doctor, personal trainer, physical therapist, or for a personal need. Most

clients overwork themselves and need relief from everyday stressors, while others need to perform better at their jobs.


We can also include massage cupping, which can be a spa treatment, or a treatment that is necessary for medical reasons, in cases where, for example, patients experience extreme pain, and pressure on the muscles would damage tissue or cause inflammation. Another use for massage cupping is to minimize the appearance of cellulite. We have currently incorporated Varies Facial treatments/body treatments. We are proud to have Dr. Zachary Zock as our medical director, since 2020. Also, we provide Botox by appointment only.


  • Massage Therapy

  • Sports Therapy

  • Massage Cupping

  • Doula DONA

  • Repetitive Use Therapy

  • Thorp Institute (Micro Current)

  • CPR 

  • First Aid


  • Texas Tech University

  • Winters School For Massage Therapy

  • Thorp Institute